Sunday, December 10, 2017

OVERDRIVE- LIGHTNING BOY Audio Thunder Knob...maybe a game changer???

$189.00 USD


So with one knob and one switch this better be good!!!
It is! Simple with a no bars attitude of designing a real tune OD by using a very high voltage. I mean kill you high. LOL. This pedal is a virtually a simple vintage build tube preamp. Flip it's switch a it's near flat EQ jumps the highs and boosts the crap out of it. LOOK OUT WORLD!!!! I find the OD feature as nice as it is secondary to it's relatively flat frequency response when the boost is off. The sound is fat rich sumptuous and smooth and bordering on crunch.

THE PERFECT PEDAL TO STACK ALL YOUR OD's into will turn them all into the very REAL sound of the 'sacred zone' of
Alternatively it would make an incredible booster in front of your dirt boxes.

Totally hand wired with a 12ax7 tube. these tubes are virtually the guts of any pre in any amp
Marshall...Vox...Fender etc. but can be substituted with other tubes to change the voicing.
For example you can put in a 12au7 which should effectively turn the pedal into a clean 'channel' preamp which would be great if you want to give a solid state amp a tube voicing.
You could even use this in front of one of the very small pedal board amps. Perhaps add a modestly priced graphic EQ and with just 3 small pedals on your board you would only need a speaker cab to take to the gig. It could also be a cost effective way to go stereo.

At $189.000 USD it is in that range of the serious pro pedals from $180.00 to $225.00 that dominate the market. In short fair and competitive.

$189.00 USD

NOTE: refer back to the OVERDRIVE CRAZY TUBE CIRCUITS Space Drive
                     more sophisticated but $260.00 USD

OVERDRIVE: Tsalis AudioWorks Riff Raff...yes another Brit pedal it features a huge rich creamy sound


$220.00 USD

From Greece comes the Tsakalis Riff Raff. A bit under the radar outside of their home range so they are not well known. The Riff Raff has a very fat creamy sound. It sports 2 channels to set up more of a crunch on one side and throw on some more gain for riffs and solo's on the other.                       
Personally I would prefer a smaller cheaper single channel box. I feel  it is not versatile enough to get a lot of use for a second channel.                                                                   
Still it hard not to like such a rich tone.     
The price is quite good for a dual channel pedal.


Saturday, December 9, 2017

OVERDRIVE- WAMPLER Pinnacle Deluxe v.2 ...I avoided this but ????


$240.00 USD
Wampler once said he was avoiding making a pedal like this because he thought many modern players were exchanging great tone for just more gain sustain and
a 'Who cares about tone if it tears your face off"
No ...he did not actually say that. LOL
He merely insinuated it.
So after 3 pedals of dabbling in the 'Brown' genre he found he could have his cake and eat it too.
He still manged to remind you that somewhere thru the mist there is a nice Plexi under all 'Formula 1' updates.

My very first Gourmet pedal was a Wampler Plextortion that I bought at the fire sale when it was discontinued.

My big beef with Wampler is although his pedals
seem nearly perfect in so many ways ...somehow the raw soul in an OD's sound has been totally sanitized.

For example I heard this dialed in to clone the CMAT Mod's Brownie. The Brownie is a $139.00 USD pedal.
The Pinnacle nailed it ...sort off ...but it sounded like a Line 6 digital take off of an analog pedal.
I bought the Brownie LOL.

But I would not blame you if you bought one. Well made, looks great, high resale value and versatile.
The Wampler name has still got a lot of prestige. Plus if you hate warts and blemishes in your sound this thing has zero. Yes it is the 'Photo Shop' makeover of a great sound.

Keep in mind you can look at a Photo shop makeover of that perfect looking lady or gent but when you go out the door and see that fine looking earthling next door your pulse raises much faster. LOL

Give it a listen ...I will let Brian speak/play it for himself.

OVERDRIVE- PROTONE PEDALS Reeves Gabrels Distortion ...unbelievably range from near dead clean to Metal


$230.00 USD to $360 USD (for a 'dual' 2 in one box.)

The guy spent 12 years as Bowie's guitarist. A very creative player.
He is quite the opposite of most players with his background.
He spent years at school learning his craft. He can read music like most of us can only read a comic book. He could always pay the bills because he could do any kind of studio work no mater what the style from country to jazz and beyond.
Unlike nearly all players from such a background he never pulls out the endless cliches of such an education with 'this the only way its done right' arsenal.
No ...he is always looking for a new way to approach music. He thru out the RULES before he even went to college.
But he learn them ALL yet stayed true to his mission.
He recently spent a few dollars and a lot of time to perfect the Bigsby ...the whammy he loves and cured it's tuning problems with out having to mess with the look and feel by having made a special alloy steel spring that makes action dead smooth and yet easily pulls it back in tune.
He spent a lot of time with Reverend guitars perfecting the guitar that bears his name and now has worked with Protone to get the exact tone from a dirt box that he likes that has not just the tone but the perfect touch and details in expression to make it 'one' from his mind to the tip of his pick.

So what do we get???

The pedal is all about clarity and precise dynamics to your touch. The tone is not just about the obvious but about how it will fit in the mix of playing with several players or how it will sound in the mix when recording. There is NOT a sweet spot the pedal is usable through out it's entire range. If you were to keep the gain low there is not even a 'HINT' that you ever push it into a maxed out Metal sound. Love it or hate it this pedal is very much a marvel and a superb technical achievement.
It is definitely top of my short list.

Friday, December 8, 2017

OVERDRIVE- OKKO RECTOPLEXXX ...big balz!!! another SBS SCOOP!!!!

$215.00 USD

A VERY NEW pedal by OKKO of Hanover Germany ...first shipment is Dec.13/17.

By it's own description this is a CRUNCH box.
In short a medium gain OD. It's strong point is not great sustain but tight punchy rhythms and riffs.
It has an excellent dynamic range since it turns your 9v into 24v to run the pedal. They have done a nice job simulating just the right amount of Marshall 1960 V30 speaker THUMP.

At under $225.00 USD it is the going rate for your average dirt box.
I really like it. But it really needs a bit more sustain
to tempt most buyers. It has more balls then the
now hot Friedman Dirty Shirley. The Shirley is as fat
and has quite good sustain and a rich tone. Add to that
if need be you can pull out some nice highs and tighten the lows.

It is what it is! Another variation on a Plexi. The growl and Thump on the low end is it's feature.
In a 3 piece like I have it can do some damage but in a larger band that low end would be eaten up by the the other lows. Bass, keys, a second guitar or drums.
Check out the 'Shirley' ... it really deserves a look.

I am selling my BE-OD.

Another good choice might be the CMAT Mods Brownie and at $135.00 USD it is cheap too.
Yes ...I have one of these too.

Friday, December 1, 2017

WHATS NEW DEC 14....lots new ....including very new pics of my board



$525.00 USD

At the Demont site we see this guitar. 
A nod to the 50's Retro look. 
It is designed by Goldfinch but built by Demont in Illinois.
made from the local wood.
They use walnut for the fret board on a maple neck and poplar for the body.

Walnut on the fingerboard is rather clever it looks like rosewood but it will sound like maple ...and feel like an old maple fingerboard that the finish has been worn away by years of use, This will make bends and vibrato feel really smooth. It should also provide just a little sparkle on the highs.

The pickups are Demont Goldfoils and the bridge is the original Fender Mustang design. I have used this bridge myself and found it very good.
The ashtray over the stop tail piece is a bit of fun. The cutaway is bit shallow. It does not have to be a Metal players delight but a less restrictive would be nice. The head stock is Fenderish but just different enough. 

At $525.00 USD it has to go down as the cheapest electric guitar made in America.
They are taking pre-orders. They will send you a Pic when it's ready and you can yeah or neah it?

I have a goldfoil on one of my guitars ...nice clean sound behind the vocals but at this price for a  decent dirt sound you should spend just $30 more and put a decent hummie in the bridge.The Wilkinson PAF would be perfect.
Hell you could hotrod this thing to no end.
Dead COOL and made entirely in the USA!! 
Gibson cheapies are made in China sent to the US in parts to be knocked together and past off to the unsuspecting buyer You!!!

I think this team are really onto something here. BUT!!! Their online sites are both unprofessional and in a word a joke. They need a pro marketer to step in.They could do very well if they could simply get in touch with a market screaming for an affordable mainstream American made guitar.



So if you go to the Goldfinch Guitar site they have almost the same guitar called the ...

It is made of Basswood and with mini humbuckers and some strange looking junk used to mount them???. The bridge and tailpiece is now a Gibson knock off.  There are none in stock but they mention when they arrive there 'will' be a choice of colours? Which colours???
There are no other specs ????? What scale is the neck ????  what kind of tuners ???
and what the F ?? going on?

Nothing is mentioned of who are making these.
I can not help but think these will have been made in China.

Maybe we should wait and see if we get some MIM ones soon??? LOL


I will get it to you on the weekend!!!


9 new pedals now on my board!!!

Yes finally after about 2 months we have 9 NEW PEDALS 
Yes... there are new Pics & text about the how and why. 
One of them is soooo useful I do not need to ask IF will buy one 
only WHEN???  



 BOSS ML-2 Core Distortion 
The reason this pedal get's overlooked is because Boss put 'Core' in the name.WHY???
Lots of high end pedals are sold to every type of Metal guy with the same kind of sound.
I repeat. WHY? and STUPID???
It is as good as most of them and wipes the floor with anything cheaper.
Maybe when I make my new board I can shoe horn it on!!!

MENOTONE MENA WATT ...a Hi Watt stack-in- box
Nothing more to say ...a very serious legitimate alternative to a Marshall Plexi pedal.

 The ROTHWELL Tornado 
...from clean to medium gain to high gain does it all and damn well.
In fact it covers all 3 bases better then 3 other separate pedals you might buy.
You could really get by with just one pedal if it had 3 switches... it is that good!!!!
Overall it sounds very much like a Laney amp. Dead cool!!!

A small 30 watt pro amp in a standard size pedal for $150.00 USD
...a back up? ...your main amp on a budget want to go Stereo?
The clean sound is dead pro for all else you use your pedals.


Only a hundred  Bucks and a convincing take of the Roland Space Echo a classic tape delay.

This pedal is big league but cheap price for a pro sounding pedal. I Like it so much if I had not got the state of the art...
Empress. I would get one.

A just about perfect OD that I will not buy???

 PROTONE PEDALS Reeves Gabrels Distortion 
Unique... every detail thought thru and perfected and all for not just the sound of the pedal ...


Massively fat Brit pedal! Warm tone, overly huge sound!

OVERDRIVE- BOSS ML-2 Metal Core 2 ...ignore the 'Core' tag & just listen

$100.00 USD

This is one trick pony but for a straight up Metal sound
it just nails it. There are dozens of Metal pedals that will give you
a hundred shades of dark grey. BUT in the end you end up dialing in
the black ...a sound damn close to this. LOL.

What do you get? a great sound and a reliable pedal half the price of many out there.

Check out the Anderton's Vid
Go straight to 25:38
and compare the top 5
and the conclusion.

OVERDRIVE- KEELEY Plexi Pedal .....this could be good ???


Nice picture? Only picture. LOL
first impressions are good.

Lately I have noticed many demonstrators are using better and better amps. listen to the punch in the low end and the crisp clear highs. Now listen to the clarity and punch on the pedal.
So you get my point. Spend $3000.00 on an amp and a $30.00 Chinese pedal will sound pretty good.

No I am not saying the Keeley pedal is bad. I am looking forward to checking it out more.
The Keeley Metal pedal is up for 'best' at the NAMM in January. I am expecting more from Keeley.
I felt that their dirt boxes in the past were lame at best.
They seem to have a handle on it now.

As for the pedal it is dead simple with the standard level ...gain and tone.
and a little switch that lets you toggle in a punishingly mega db of level.

There isn't even a name for it yet ...let alone a price or release date.                                                   

Sunday, November 26, 2017



By now most of you know that do to illegal cutting of rosewood trees certain rosewood is illegal to own.  Anyone with a rosewood neck can have their guitar confiscated at the border of most countries.
Fender charges a premium on rosewood necks and does not use rosewood on MIM guitars.

There is in fact legal and reasonably abundant rosewood in India but exporting and importing guitars is a lengthy and pricey process.Worse still without your own paperwork crossing a border is very bad idea. You can get the required documents but it is a frustrating lengthy and expensive process and being delayed at the border even with the right documentation is a very lengthy procedure.

Some companies are now switching to ebony. Oddly ebony was 'the' wood to have on your guitar in  50's. It was more difficult to work with and much more expensive. Jazz players would poke fun at players with rosewood as it was not considered pro. LOL

Others like Fender are using Pau Ferro. It looks like rosewood but is much harder. in short ...why bother no one is fooled. Some are using ebony. I feel ebony will eventually regain it's status of the 50's. it is just a matter of time.

Gibson during the 70's used maple on the Les Paul's. By a process of baking the wood they turned it dark enough that most player bought the guitars with no idea it was not rosewood.

So what about maple. Many players hate it. They hate the feel of both a very hard and finished wood.


Well I have 6 guitars 3 in each wood. I find the maple vastly superior. Why?
First it adds a nice crisp snap to your high end.
More important it does not have any drag. ...Drag???  Yes rosewood is very porous and when you bend a note or are using finger vibrato the grain causes friction and kills a better and smoother bend.

Go to 4:20 and let Eric explain his argument in favor of maple.

Like Eric I found this to be true years ago. Bonus! I could buy nice old guitars cheap. LOL
Not only that on many guitars maple just looks dead cool. Especially Black. red and the old 50's blues and greens.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

OVERDRIVE- Wampler Thirty it .the closet pedal to a Vox AC30?


It was formerly called the Ace 30 but the name was trademarked & the owner threatened to sue.
It is less of an OD then an analog amp simulator often referred to as modeled sound. Brian has built a Top Boost style treble booster in it and more gain then the amp for better lead work.

So everything from Beatles to Brian May is covered.

Except for it's big footprint it is hard to fault this pedal.                              


OVERDRIVE- WHEEBO Hellfire Overdrive ....with a knob labeled Balls ya gotta love it!


$250.00 USD

According to the Wheebo there is a 'Balls knob. BUT???  LOL 

(check out the old model below)

A very nasty and aggressive medium gain OD.
Raw and rough. Made in Hanover Germany it appears that most of their product are OD's 
They are each meant to capture a different era Brit amp but personally I find collectively they are very disappointing.
They all sound very 'samey'.
There is even a dual version of the Hellfire called the Helldrive with a booster.

This is not say that the Hellfire is not cool. 
It is.
You have level, gain, treble, and middle plus a switch to change  the focus of the mids. Inside are trim pots for presence and bass.

The Hellfire takes the Wheebo sound and distills  it to one perfect little pedal.


UPDATE- my board ...7 new pedals? ...No's 8 now!


Yes folks I usually replace the pedals on my board with a new exciting pedal
at least every 2 or 3 weeks.
Well it is simple...I ordered pedals that are taking forever to arrive do to long distances,
screw ups or waiting on my hand made to be ...hand made.
In short DELAYS!!!

Actually they all arrived at once so I did not want to update the post until I reviewed
them .
It also means moving many pedals on my board to fit them in to the right spot. With 50 plus pedals the wiring chaos inside the board causes major problems.
A small tug on the wrong wire etc. and I have hours of trouble shooting over 50 plus options.

Realistically I need to design & make a new board. Not easy ...I can not make it bigger and fit it in my car or get my arms around it and lift and maneuver it.
I can not make it heavier it is it is like lifting a bed by grasping the headboard then lifting it 3 feet in the air to put it past the hatch then into the car. It weighs about 60 pounds.
Realistically I will probably have another 10 pedals on it.
Not because I can not resist a pedal but because I will need them to trouble shoot a problem.

The pedals are mostly all made by completely different company's.
Some are high tech. Others are designs cloned from the 60's.
In short they are mismatched. Oddly non cause a major problem but collectively each one is as different or the same as two different people. My biggest problem are the high thru upper mids for clarity and the lows for mass.
The pedals do not all have enough EQ to compensate by matching how they sound when they hit the amp. I have tried graphic and parametric EQ's but they start making the sound artificial.
The Steel String Clean Drive adds a small fix as does the Mooer speaker emulator.
Switch from pedal A to pedal B in a tune and ....until you tweak both pedals they just do not work together or apart. Two things do compensate. Get three songs working good together on the same compensations to each pedals controls ...and in some cases choose a different pedal that both fits the part and plays fair with the other pedals on the tune usually works. After a long time using all the pedals I can usually get a sound that within reason universally works on all the tunes.
Sometimes a pedal just plain does not fit. It is not always very obvious. you quite simply find you are not using it. it may sound amazing on it's own BUT.
Those get Reverb-ed.

I have 2 TC Electronic noise gates. I not only use them for noise but by clipping the signal I can tighten the sound per song. I can not do this on my Fuzz loop as it does not have a smart gate just a single end gate. This works fine for the Fuzz pedals but I want to use it to put some OD's in with the Fuzz boxes. On some songs I may use 2 different OD and a Fuzz ...but on others I need 3 different OD. If I have some in with the Fuzz pedals GREAT but they need a smart gate.

OK...I know STOP whining..."If only I had these problems! " you say.LOL

Then there are my 2 new guitars. One I have NEVER played because I sent it to my guitar guy for mods and I waited 5 weeks for a hand wound PU and they sent the wrong another 5 plus weeks to get it.



Well it's Sunday night and while I was out of town the JDS-50 arrived.

So it's Tuesday..and everything else arrived and it is all on my board..
so this Sunday the board PIC's and all the blah ...will be finished updating .. 

I am still waiting on the A/DA flanger it is heading into months lol  and the Hotone XTOMP mini that probably now will be not shipped until after the January NAMM show and past off as a big deal that I can now have one. 
f. them!!!  LOL a. holes!!!!

Then there are a couple of new guitars that need mods etc.

First ...I have my Fender Duo Sonic to deal with 
So I bought this guitar ...took it out of the box ...inspected it ...didn't play it.
In fact have never heard the PU's except on Vids.

Anyhow I put it in a case I brought. 
Then I was straight off to my 'guitar guy' for major mods.

I still needed to bring in a Tele PU but it had not arrived yet. 
One week later, after a 5 week wait a hand wound Tele PU arrived from Seymour D. 
But the wrong F-ing one!!!!  I wanted a bridge not a neck PU..
(all Tele neck ...PU's are crap in my opinion.)
So a 5 week wait again!!!
But it is 5 weeks today??? Still no PU.
The mod/repair shop has a policy of wanting guitars picked up when it is their spot to have the work done and it is the customer creating delays I am already 3 weeks past that. It makes me anxious if they are.

Love it... the best neck I ever played on!!!  It needs a clean up and a set up etc. Made in 1999 and probably in some closet for at least 10 years ...the strings are are covered in rusty. LOL
I have only been using the neck PU...nothing wrong with the bridge but the neck PU is stellar for clean sounds.
I miss not having a PAF by the bridge like most of my arsenal.
I usually get a Duncan Pearly Gates PAF
...but maybe this time ???
I think I will try a Duncan Pegasus is marketed as a Prog Metal PU.
my music has lots of shades of Metal in it. More classic then contemporary 
...and I spent years in a real legit Prog band.Check out King Crimson to get an good idea of my past.
In fact I was accepted by Robert Fripp as a student.

It gives you the most amount of tone with the most amount of aggression without moving into a typical high gain pickup.
It is surprising articulate yet it has some tone left in the upper mids ...the lows are
tight witout chopping off ALL the very low frequencys and the highs are good without being strident.
It is definitely a hummy but it has a bit of Tele spank in the upper mids & highs. 

The pickups do not have a switch ...I will have to sort that out too.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

OVERDRIVE- MENATONE Mena Watt ...HIWATT stack-in-a-box

$180 .00 USD

The Mena Tone is Brian Mena's take on a 60's /70s
HI WATT. The sound of the Who at 'Live at Leeds'
still considered one of the best live albums ever.
I reviewed the Bear Foot Model Hs where I went into the amps history.
 Check it out
Since both pedals are on track they do sound similar
the Model Hs has a gain that sounds good right down to zero volume.
The Mena Watt has one of the heaviest solid low ends of any pedal
on the planet.This thing has Balz big time.

At the time everyone followed the lead and dumped their Marshall Plexi for the clearer voice of the HI WATT.
The HI WATT was in effect the first ever gourmet Marshall.
All the parts were audiophile and it had a negative feedback circuit
to get rid of speaker distortion.This made it sound fuller.

So if you love a Plexi you may wish to do the same. LOL
Upgrade to a HIWATT. LOL
Anyhow if nothing else this pedal is a great               
alternative to yet another Plexi pedal

Saturday, November 18, 2017


$180.00 USD

The pedal does a very good 100 watt Super Lead Plexi that has the level and the tone controls flat across around 4 and the guitar plugged into the bright channel.

You can push it harder but the sweet spot will
sound like the above set up.

With a hummy you get a very good AC/DC Angus Young sound.

Not a bad sound at all! I think it would stack well too.

Hell the damn sound of the pedal stuck in my head for days. I do not think it is better then
the Menatone Menawatt or the Rothwell Tornado ...they all have a steel string glassy sound. Most OD go for a very warm sound but I love to hear those steel strings come slashing thru.
I love both kinds of sound. LOL
But very few of the kind of sound these pedals make are available.It is ironic that I recently found three.

OK I gave in with 3 great pedals bombarding me with similar sounds I had to have one.
With all my OD's it is always best to get a sound that I do not have and better still will suit the kind of voice that a tune I will write or have written needs.
The key thing is that the attack on this pedal is percussive and has an amazing transient response. In short there is zero delay from hitting the string and hearing it.
No I am not saying you, I or anyone else hears a delay on a great OD ...but we actually do. The result is the attack is will tend to actually sound like just for a split second we had our high end turned way, way down even thought rest of the sound after it may be quite bright.
THIS GUYS is the main selling point of this pedal.
Now put on the vid and listen for it!!!

So my pedal has arrived is as good as the video makes it appear to be.
My review above has nailed it.
Another pleasant surprise it also does a spot on  Hendrix clean sound. My radio had on Little Wing... a live version to commemorate the tune being 60 years old. Ouch!!
If I did not know better I would think I was hearing the  Mr. Black!   How cool is that.
Sometimes clean is too clean for a part and no mater how clean or transparent an OD you have it is too much.
This kind of thing happens a lot . YES???
Well you can transfer an acoustic guitar part to this pedal and without changing your parts or your technique it will give you a clear and clean sounding tune but with a thick rich powerful sound.
This is a 'must have pedal' for anyone.

OVERDRIVE- DANELECTRO BILLIONAIRE Pride of Texas ...surprize ! surprise !


Dano's new re-entry into pedals. Dano pedals

$75.00 USD

have been spotty.  Some quite good some crap always cheap but cheaply built too.
A lot of flimsy plastic boxes.

The new line are aiming to keep the quality up.
They are made in robust metal boxes.
One would have to judge the tone as each pedal comes along.
One cool thing is Dano has always gone for an Art Deco late 20's thru 30's look and these are no exception.

The over all sound is reminiscent of a Tube Screamer.
But it definitely sounds much smoother even creamy
The treble can go into the stratosphere but even so it is very glassy not harsh.

Check out 4:30 on the first vid can hear that you have an excellent amount of dead clean sparkle. On pedals like a Tube Screamer and hundreds of pedals based mostly on
 chips with the number '4558' in them the highs are just plain nasty and unusable when  you are doing chord work with gentle strumming and arpeggios.
in short in the lower gain stages the sound is too gritty even fuzzy.

The best I have heard is my Mythos Erlking ...but it is $200.00 USD
so the 'Texas' at $75.00 USD is damn impressive!

The level is more then ample to act as a boost.
It appears both the treble and bass are active too.
It has that very clean breakup of a mid to late 60's Fender combo like the Twin Reverb
I would love to hear it scooped ...the video available doesn't show you clearly what the bass can do.

Impressive... at the very least it is competitive with the Tube Screamers, Timmy
and other transparent low to mid gain pedals often selling for double the price!!!

FUZZ- You can buy the best Fuzz of 2017 LOL ...or the Ananashead Silicon Fuzz


I was reading about a new fuzz that is supposed to be the best for 2017.
So I checked it out.

The Rabbit Hole FX Merkin Fuzz
So I gave it a listen and thought it wan't anything special
but it was not bad.
Some of the best classic Fuzz pedals had as little as 7 parts in them.
So I said to myself WHAT THE F. ARE THINKING OF!!!


So I wandered over to the Ananashead site to
see if we can get something that does the big fat low thing but substantially cheaper. $85.00 USD

Surprise ...Surprise a Fuzz that does a 'Merkin' thing but a damn lot more too.
Hand made as well !!!

The demo doesn't start at 6 feet under but
...just go to 3:40 to get crushed with the sound.


In part 2 you find unlike the Merkin
This pedal is more then a one trick pony.
now listen to the second vid.

Just skip a trip into McDonalds and a night out
and you can get this fuzz with a sound with more weight then a front End Loader with it's shovel
full of gravel!!!

AC/DC fans ...very bad news

Malcolm Young has just died ...and just a few hours ago ...11/18/2017
from dementia. He was just 64.

It was Malcolm who kept the band together over all the years.
Angus sometimes wanted to quit when times got tough.

Even if AC/DC was not even in your top 10 favourite bands ...when they played an AC/DC
tune on your radio. Admit it cranked it up!
YES YOU DID!!!                 
 F. the pedals check out the vid.

CHORUS- GNI ASDC Analog Stereo Chorus ...classic sound modern crispness


$275.00 USD

GNI are a Brazilian company that make a very traditional chorus.

They manage to capture that nice crisp sound of a modern chorus but keep the rich sumptuous sound of the classics.

The second switch allows you to set up two different speeds.A beautiful sound. the only downside is that it just a bit greedy when it comes to taking up real estate on your board.

Is the price is a big OUCH ???