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24 3/4 scale neck and there own single coil PU'c

Watkins Rapier Vibra 57
In Britain in the 50's and 60's American guitars were near non existent.
A very few Fenders made it to Brit but they were prohibitory expensive even to semi-pro bands.
WEM amplifiers with WATKINS guitars came to the rescue in '57 with serviceable cheap guitars they had made in Chertsey Surrey. The Ranger was their entry level guitar. All their guitars had a high level of fit and finish. Note the the Gibson (1960 Les Paul) SG look ...three years before Gibson!!!

John Lennon started on a Watkins he still had it when he died
The Watkins Electric Music Company started in 1949. To this day players are still searching out and using the Watkins CopiCat Tape Echo Machine.
Pink Floyd and the Who used the Watkins amps that were change
John Lennon's Watkins Tuxedo 3
to the name WEM in  '68.
Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page started out on a WATKINS guitar.

WATKINS changed there name to Wilson in '68. Only the parent company remained with the Watkins name.
It all came to an end in '82. Japan took over the market with guitars like Yamaha and Ibanez.

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OK....I have put pics of all my guitars on the Pedal board site. Some good some not so.
But they are from today. They show all the hotrodding I have had dun to the guitars.

125B casing

OVERDRIVE- RED SUN FX Grantler ...innovative ...created from a one watt amp


From Munich Germany comes RED SUN a one man show making hand crafted pedals.
For years the distortion made by a amplifier section of amplifier has been the stable of a great Rock tone. Red Sun cleverly has done this in a pedal. The pedal is actually a 1watt power amp.  How cool is that? Better still it sounds great, A menacing high gain...really high gain pedal!!!

Check out the vids. Check out something that is really new!



King of the plastic pedals. The final entry into
the Musiwewe the silly name but mind blowing pedals of the Australian SKS.

So this one is a crushing high gain near Metal like killer destroyer pedal.
Great tone. Well made. Unusual Plexi box that is
tougher then you would think ...and a killer price that just screams at you. WHY NOT!!!

A small pedal that can squeeze into the corner of your pedal board!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

FUZZ- DR. NO KaFuzz ...a '60's style fuzz ....the Sabbath sound in a box!!!

 DR. NO KaFuzz          
 $260.00 USD 

Hand made and built like a tank at Idendhoven in the Netherlands. Sporting graphics that are both startling and fun!

It has the best of the late 60's Brit Fuzz sounds distilled into a single pedal.
These pedals bordered on a high gain OD sound and can compete with the best of the modern Metal OD's with equal authority!!!

Simple but effective ...with  great dynamics and cleans up nicely if you back off your volume.  

The KaFuzz captures the very best of the whole era really well!

JHS Charlie Brown v.4 ...a Marshall JTM45 crunch pedal nice :-)

$200.00 USD

This the JHS take on a Marshall  JTM 45 which was a take on the Fender Bassman  :-)
The big change is a 3way active EQ. The EQ is excellent. It allows
you to make significant change to the overall tone.

So to say it sounds like a realistic JTM 45 is some what pushing it.
But it definitely has a Marshall vibe and it is definitely a great sounding

Josh Scott the head of JHS constantly accused of ripping off nearly every pedal they build. I have read several articles on guys that can compare the schematics and verify this.
BUT... Josh is the Steve Jobs of pedals. Even if this is true the pedals
always sound distinctly different then the originals. Even more important they sound better. LOL
Whats not to like!!! The OD's are richer, beefier and balzier!!!!

The Charlie brown is meant to be a crunch pedal. The JHS Angry Charlie and AT are based off  Charlie Brown but are are more of a high gain version. Quite frankly they are all excellent sounding OD's

OVERDRIVE/FUZZ- JHS The Kilt ....from almost dead clean to deadly aggressive


Version 2
$200.00 USD
It all started with  StuG of the band Delirious. He was both the bands guitarist and producer.
He had been using an Bionic Expandora Fuzz/Overdrive but wanted something more versatile.

the Bionic Expandora
When JHS stepped in they started there but tweaked it until he had what they wanted.
It had resistors to boost or cut the dirt to give you a sweet transparent low gain, a Marshall medium gain and a screaming high gain plus a bass boost and an overall boost that can be pre or post EQ. The gain of v.2 is higher & is even more popular then v.1

Version 1

OVERDRIVE-FENDER Santa Ana OD ...a clear run thru by it's inventors...


Fender have got serious about pedals. FINALLY!

They got group of fresh enthusiastic
young makers and kept their hands off their first designs. The marketing boys at Fender must be squirming in their seats. LOL
So these guys are players too. They give us a detailed run thru of the Fender flagship dirt pedal.

They are enthusiastic about their pedal but we get a no 'bull' detailed look.

$200.00 USD

The pedal has a very Fender Bassman type of dirt. The Marshall JTM45 is virtually the same. A wise touch. You get a balzy Marshall tone but stay 'Fender'.

NOT BAD ....definitely worth considering ...Fender finally has a contender product.
At $200.00 USD the pedal is priced about $25.00 cheaper then it's typical American pedal competitors. A good idea because we all are annoyed with Fender charging us more for their 'brand' status ...something Gibson needs to learn!


This pedal is all about vintage dirt tones of the 80's
It does an impressive job of covering them all.

All of J. Jaunernig is made by the man himself. He is so backlogged right now that he has pulled the plug on orders just to catch up on the ones already taken.

Friday, March 16, 2018

OVERDRIVE- HAMSTEAD SOUNDWORKS Odyssey Intergalactic Driver everything dirt box???


$255.00 USD

So what is it anyway?

-transparent (low gain) OD
-medium gain OD
-high gain OD
-Metal OD
Did I miss any?

It has a 3 way EQ with a mid boost and 3 clipping circuits.  Oh yes also has a high price tag.
Hamstead are yet another gourmet amp maker from Brit, that does a few pedals. In fact only two.

One must admit the tone is very rich and detailed. I find in the real world at a gig no one has the time to kneel on the floor between songs to dial up a new sound having to move 3 switches and 5 knobs. Much better to have 5 pedals then one with 5 distinct sounds. Add to that most players will either only really like one or two.
On the plus side it has a very convincing amp like tone.The pedal is very versatile and it's ability to mimic other pedals shows you the depth of the circuit.
On the other hand I do not hear that 'one' sound from it to die for. I have a pedal with 11 controls ..I only use one BUT!

OVERDRIVE TWA Hot Sake ...Brit sounding pedal with a lot of aggression


This pedal has been around for a few years but seems to have fallen between the cracks. So time for a close up.
TWA says they took a best of the vintage Japanese dirt boxes
and made this pedal. Maybe ...but in the end they did get a good pedal
Gerearly a Brit sound. It has the usual EQ but it is the mids control and the bass boost
that puts this pedal past finishing line by a nose.

COMPRESSOR- KEELEY Plus in your face comp. that really does the job!!

$200.00 USD
I love this comp. It is punchy but without a nasty 'plunk' on the attack.
You can get as much sustain as you want. Last but not least it has this great swelling effect after you hit the note. A Plexi does this. It is part of the magic of a Plexi.
This effect fattens the sound and gives your sound a sense of 'power'.
Most compressors are trying to give you sustain but be invisible.
This has it's place but the natural sustain from a great 'Rock' amp like a Plexi does what the Keeley does. So why not make a comp that does this?
Well Keeley has done just that!!!

Brett Kingman's vid ...makes what it does very clear. I believe the swelling effect is accomplished with the expander. He mentions the expander twice but does not explain what it does. Never the less the
demo is easy to follow and understand.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

OVERDRIVE- SKS AUDIO MUSIWEWE boxes ...uh huh? but cooler then you think. VERY!


$35.00 USD
It is both a medium gain OD and a high gain OD. Besides the level, gain and tone there is a switch to push it into high gain
which doubles the range of the whole pedal.
One very cool thing is you still get a lighter but really excellent tone with the gain nearly turned off.
SKS is an Australian company making dead cool
good sounding boxes in small Plexiglas casings.
Better still they are cheap!

Damn impressive!!!

Check it at 3:37 that is it's sweet spot!


It is just taking the 'ORANGE' to the next level. Once again you can go from just past zeo gain and get a good sound then once through it's range push in the switch and you can in effect double the range.

These are both excellent little Brit sounding boxes!!!
 at a price cheap enough and a size small enough
that any 
could neatly squeeze itself
right into your arsenal.

I just ordered the ORANGE
it is a medium gain pedal and fatter then the RED

The RED is more aggressive and tight
So I traded off this for a fuller sound.
It was tough choice

OVERDRIVE- WALKER A&E King Bee MKll ...gutsy blues pedal

 WALKER A&E King Bee MKll 

$185.00 USD

Not a new idea there are many similar pedals that are aimed at a 'bluesy' sound.
But this Russian handmade gutsy blues pedal has a lot of grit but without the harshness.
It is quite versatile from light to a serious medium OD.

OVERDRIVE- ANALOG WORM OCD MK ll ....nasty but nice

$105.00 USD

A small Russian company making handmade pedals. This little beauty offers a lot of variety can pop off the bottom to reveal several switches and choose a different voicing. You get clip, thick, fat, and 2 bright.
I can find very little info in English but having dealt with similar companies I suspect this is meant to be a OCD clone. I have an OCD and it ain't a clone. LOL
I think if it were I would not have reviewed as you can buy the real deal for as much.
The OCD is a Marshall Plexi style pedal and this is not.
It has a very nasty raspy aggressive tone. Not for everyone. But this thing begs for attention.
I quite like it. A real gutsy sounding alternative to most of
the choices out there. At about $100.00USD a nice pedal to add as a second pedal for an alternative sound in your kit.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

NEW-TIESCO founded in 1948 back in biz with new pedals


Japanese Tiesco made it's biggest in roads when they came to the US with their entry level electric guitars in the 60's.
They return decades later with the first of a new line of pedals.

Great first impression. In the short demo they all sound good. We will have to wait to go over them one at a time. The art work is spectacular. It jumps right out is different ...but damn tasteful in a sea of pedals that are either plain, overkill or trashy looking.


Electro-Harmonix & Earthquake Devices

.......Art meets business

This is next weeks COOL GUITAR
hiding here until.
Sneak is made in the east... it was the budget line of an up and coming brand in the 60's
it uses A grade wood serious tonewood..the shape and the wood make it sound exactly like the guitar it reminds you of
cutting edge collectors have ONLY just discovered it
So for now prices are still around $200.00 USD

OVERDRIVE- BLACKSTAR Metal LT ....not bad for $100 bucks!


$100.00 USD

Mater of Metal has 2 Metal pedals one with a tube. The tube is a major con in fact it shows zero integrity. For a tube to act as an OD it has to have a major amount of voltage. The voltage in the Blackstar tube model is so low that they have put an LED under the tube to light it up.
At $400.00 USD they should be spanked. LOL

The GoosoniqueWorx Kult in mode1 could eat it for breakfast!
In mode3 it could eat the whole company!!!

 Even so it is not that it sounds bad. It sounds quite good but the sound you hear is NOT from the tube at all. It is from the transistors.
I included a comparison vid so you can check it out.

The LT is a straight ahead transistor OD.
By shooting for just one straight ahead Modern Metal sound it works.
It is fairly impressive.
BUT... for the same money you can get the award winning
CKK Destruction Drive

OVERDRIVE RIVERA Metal Shaman ...what's to know??? LOL


Modern ...tight balzy
A worthy choice.
It has it all...3 way EQ and a great noise gate,
with 2 voicings. One which throws in a massive low end!

Is there a better one?

Well the King Of Fat still goes to
with endless bells and whistles!!!

OK ...OK
I will save you the trouble LOL

300 DIRT PEDALS...and 10 to die for!!!


You asked for it.
The most read POSTs are the dirt pedals. There are at least 300 on this Blog. All are current and in production and all but a very, very few have current pricing.

I will soon do an up to date Post of the


There are about 10 that are the best of there kind.

At the top of the heap are the Marshall voiced OD's JTM45's PLEXI's and JCM800's
There are then quite a few specialty OD's like the SUPRO DRIVE that is unsurpassed on a TELE but less then stellar with a hummie in the guitar. How about an OD based on a small 50's Gibson combo amp? Unexpectedly excellent. There is a knock out pedal of a HI-WATT that shows you why until the owner had a crippling accident falling down a flight of stairs had Marshall frightened to death!!!
Pete Townsend switch to it and overnight there was a fire sale on used PLEXI's.

My current favourite pedal

Made in France and can only be bought at one online store that speaks English. 
It sounds like an old Marshall Plexi that tumbled down the stairs a few times and was repaired over the years with a few mismatched parts and some of the tubes are past their 'Best Before' date with speakers worn thin over the decades. It follows your touch like it's part of your body. It runs out of breath trying hard to sustain. BUT is a closer friend then your old dog.
The most pleasure you can ever have and still keep your clothes on :-)

OVERDRIVE- DANELECTRO BILLIONAIRE Cash Cow OD.. another welcomed consideration or ?


$75.00 USD

So new the paint is wet. In short 'not yet released'
It has a nice even Brit tone but does not suggest strongly that it is trying to be a Plexi or a JTM45 etc.

But like all the Billionaire pedals it has a slick gourmet like tone
The build quality is excellent.

After their brilliant Pride of Texas this is disappointing.
If it were ice cream it would be Vanilla.


If it is the price thing check out Xvive's the Thomas Blug Golden Brownie at $45.00 USD or Nine Volt Pedals I Was a Wolf in the Forest Distortion $65.00 USD. Even Joyo Ultimate Drive an OCD clone $45.00 USD.

Saturday, March 3, 2018



This is supposed to be a straight up high gain Metal pedal.
I think it has been around a few years. Try 2010?
It is not quite an old school Plexi or a JTM on steroids or a modern high headroom w/ overkill preamp type modern pedal.
BUT it it just sounds cool anyway. It makes a great noise. Word has it that it doesn't like a low gain input.
In short single coils might want a boost going into it.

Still it makes some very cool sounds. It has lots of personality.


OVERDRIVE- T. JAUNERIG Bombastortion ...this could hurt someone!!!


$165.00 USD
This pedal has a huge fat sound. It has the aggression of an angry rhino.
It has more lows then your bass player. If you turn your amp on full and aim it at someone in the audience you are likely to hurt them. LOL
At the price. is a bargain.
All hand made by T. JAUNERNIG who has about 20 years making pedals
the quality is above reproach!!!

All of their pedals sound great on hummies but utterly amazing on single coils. They are all Strat and Tele heaven.


He also has made the GRISTLE KING that is already 14 years old. Now up to v.3.
It is equal to or better then any medium gain OD I have ever heard. It is the god of the single coil player. The new v.3 works as well on hummies.
The only reason I did not 'YET' buy one is they are very big pedals. The Post from Dec23,2017 is only  second to the King of Tone for the most hits.
 Word of mouth on the American club circuit has kept it that popular all these years.
What surprises me is nothing since makes it seem like yesterdays news.
If I introduced it as the newest and greatest you would not even blink an eye!!!




I found listening to the individual strings played open at the end the most useful. I was listening for the highs... the lows... and the resonant point in the mids.

The mahogany ...deeper lows and the mids resonated in the low mids
The maple ..........brighter highs and it was the upper mids that have the resonance.

Interesting because listen to a video of two Les Pails the pricey one had a maple cap over the mahogany where as the cheaper one was all mahogany and I noticed the same thing.

One thing harder to notice unless you play the guitars is that mahogany evens out the sound have much fewer and less pronounced dead notes or hot notes. Especially if the neck is mahogany.

Even a maple fingerboard will give you some top end zing. It is subtle but noticeable.

As proven by a classic LP a bit of both sounds damn good!

I have 6 guitars with a variety of woods. They all sound great on the tunes I use them on.
If I only had one a classic LP is probably the most versatile.
My best sounding guitar at the moment is my reissued  '59 LP Special with the soapbar in the neck swapped out for a PAF. The neck and body are all mahogany.

The Guild Bluesbird is vaguely LP in shape and is also all mahogany...from 89 to the mid 90's
the DeArmond Korean made guitar is virtually the same instrument. Grade A woods the whole deal.
Recently it has become collectible but it has hit the mainstream collectors yet so prices are less then $200.00 USD. I scooped one for $130.00 USD. The wood quality & workmanship are scary. Nineteen years old and the neck is as true as a level! The tone and long sustain are as good as a LP Custom I owned in '67.

OVERDRIVE- ORION Silver Drive ...the ultimate for slashing tight rhythms

 $235.00 USD

This  small German company does a very nice JTM 45 style drive.
It has an vicious bite and an incredibly tight sound.
If you are into slashing chunky quarter note rhythms then you may want to consider
this pedal.

Did you notice the Knobs are are labelled in German ...I can not decide if it is annoying or just dead cool! LOL

So if this pedal says 'Buy Me!!
Please check out the POST-  OVERDRIVE- PedalPalFX 959 PLEXI EMULATOR
being voiced as a Plexi not a JCM 45 it has much heavier lows and low mids but both pedals have a very similar vibe and are worth comparing.

I have the PLEXI I like the fullness of it ...but I like the tight slightly crisper tone of the Orion.
It all gets down to what shade of grey does it for you. :-)

OVERDRIVE- GROUND FX Burning Sunn ....crushing!!!

$245.00 USD

This German pedal company simply took the Sunn preamp
schematic and replaced the tubes with FETS.
You get a convincing replica of the defunct SUNN Model T's sound. It's key feature is a massive crushing low end.

Certainly unique. Heavier then the most aggressive Fuzz!

Friday, March 2, 2018



Well I got a good price at $60.00 USD and ordered one. All reviews have been favorable. One thing they all said is it is a bit like a Tube Screamer but has an overriding tone that is unique.

It is all in the name. I swear Dano did this on purpose to create a puzzle.
The 'word' is it is a funky Texas blues players style amp sound.
The Pride of Texas ?  Blues? how about Albert Collins?
What amp did he play
.... for years right up to his death he played a Silver faced ...Fender Quad Reverb came with 4 Eminence 12' speakers that Eminence made for this amp ...they are nicknamed 'tubby' because they have a heavy resonance in the mids.
So the pedal is clean but with the kind of breakup you get on a Fender Twin Silver Face. Bright with a deep scoop ...but the the mid range of the 'tubby' honk fills out the middle.
Mystery solved.
The Pride of Texas is a analog model of a Fender Quad Reverb.
A unique and very cool sound!

check out the Nov. 18,2017 POST

GUYATONE Mighty Micro HDm5 Hot Drive Distortion
Yes I know...some of you have already read the POST from Feb20.
But I bought one. I seem to have more pedals on Reverb then on my board.
Unfortunately I keep getting bigger ones so I can only squeeze on 50 LOL
OK..OK..enough! We all love to wine and gloat ....sometimes at the same time.

Still I think it was being made by Guyatone that did it. The granddaddy of Japanese pedals manufacturers.
New ones from the only 2 suppliers in the USA do not have any stock. One supplier is Guyatone USA.

The Mighty Micro series has been around since 2009. The company has a very low profile. Info is hard to get. I have been here before so it can mean the demise of the company or suppliers bailing out.
Did the eBay thing ...a used one from Japan for $114.00 USD  with free shipping.
(March10/18) It was shipped today and Japanese mail is very fast. I expect I have it in a week at the most , I really love the vid so I am looking forward to the pedal big time.

The first of  'real' video is out ...yes Andertons are trying to sell you something. But it is still a better slant on the sound then a factory vid.
The 50 head going thru a standard Marshall 1960 a can is impressive! As a guy who played a 50w Plexi for years I think they nailed it!!!
I have one on order!

The Origin series are just simple single channel Plexi amps. They either sound great or not. There is not 3 channels of killer overdrive to wow us. Just a strait up original Plexi sound.
Fortunately they basically left the original Plexi tone in tact!
A tone to die for. Perfect for pedals with a huge fat chunky and punchy clean sound. They can make even the lamest OD pedal sound good. Yes start with an amp that has BALZ big time and everything going thru that amp will too.
Just tweak a few knobs to to make it shake hands with your guitar. With the amp  clean ...and ...a nudge of boost will put the icing on the cake.
Check it out ... a 50watt head is only $650.00 USD. How cool is that!!!
They even kept the PLEXI look!!!


In the 80's Guild went south and Fender bought the name. They were on a
buying spree.
They eventually found a factory to build them in but at the last minute changed their mind and made the Stienberger guitars there, another company they just acquired. So they decided to make a few bucks with the guitars and get them made in Korea. They did not want to dirt bag the brands image while they got their act together to make them in  America. They had also bought the DeArmond pickup brand so they called the Guild models DeArmonds. These are a very high quality guitar. Nothing was changed from the original specs. Even Honduras Mahogany was used (the same as Gibson does) Serious guitar collectors have discovers them but you can still get one for $200.00 USD or less. It is very similar to an all mahogany American made Les Paul Custom it even comes in black like the custom has since '57.  The quality is easily as good too.

The earlist ones were sold with DeArmonds later ones with Dimarzio's
I am amused that the new owners of Guild now have the Bluesbird made in Korea. They come with Duncan PAF's.
I bought one in good condition for $135.00 USD
It came with the DiMarzio's but I already have the Duncan '59's that I scooped for $15.00 USD ea.  I will soon put them in.

The DeArmond/ the new Guild and the LP Custom that they were trying to emulate.


Yes a really dumb ass name. LOL
Once in awhile a really clever pedal comes along and it is much more then a gimmick.
What if it came in small transparent plastic box???"


See the JAN.9/17 Post!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

SETH LOVER iinvented the PAF for Gibson ...he also invented 3 unsuccessful guitars, BUT!!!


 Seth Lover's job was to come up with a guitar to compete with Fenders big seller the Stratocaster!
The V was first and then the Explorer ...they held back on the Moderne as sales were very weak and the whole idea lost it's initial enthusiasm.


The first one was not made until 1982.

THE FENDER STRAT WAS $275.00 and the Tele was $250.00
In today's money all these guitars were around $2000.00
The V sold 30 and later the Explorer sold 19.

I find it interesting to note that that today if you have accomplished a skill set worthy of a pro guitar it is unlikely that you can not afford one. Yes they may come from the east
but in the 50's you were stuck with a less then adequate 
or by today's standards a near unplayable guitar.

Archtops like the ES125 were doing over 1500
Fender were selling equally big numbers with the Strat.

Not until they came up with the SG did Gibson have a consistent
solid body big seller.

So both Fender and Gibson only sold a pro guitar
for $2000.00 USD
Hard to create a valid argument about high prices when today
a valid pro can squeak in for around $800.00 USD
A PRS SE is a good example.
the materials and construction, fit and finish
are totally pro.

FENDER...In the near future the only MIA guitars you can get will be from the Custom Shop !!!

The hottest pro guitars at the moment all come from SHUR.
They are really just Fender Custom Shop type guitars with prices a little cheaper because they are produced mostly in limited choices in medium size quantities,

Fender will do the same. The $1200.00 to $2000,00 type models will move to Mexico.

The 2018 Custom Shop Models can give you some idea of where they will get the ideas for new models. A few that seem to sell well as Custom Shop Models will be sold as Custom Shop Standard models. First as limited editions. The limited editions that sell out fast will become standard models.

This will keep up the high profile of the company but allow the company to downsize substantially.

The really big bucks profit comes from  the Squier models. The Mexican models still make a good profit. The USA as it stands now do squat!

Already some serious quality Squier models are being made. These will take over when the MIM are only making the MIA. The price on the MIM will all go up. So will the quality.
The average Mexican  worker at Fender Mexico is a guitar player. They are making guitars that are 90% of the quality but are given 50% of the time to do the handmade part of the work. In short the standard of workmanship in Mexico is second to none!!! They blow away the US workers who are given twice the time but are not players so they miss details that a player would notice the minute they picked it up! Roughness on the neck that needs a bit more hand sanding and small misalignment's etc.
Easy to fix if the guitar is caught in time.

Will this happen???? YES!!!
WHEN...a guess is in 4 to 10 years tops!!!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

OVERDRIVE- GREER AMPS Lightspeed Organic Overdrive ...big in Nashville ??? but nothing "Country" about it!!


With Greer's Nashville reputation ...there location in Georgia and even the "Ol' Timey" ...script on the pedal have made me ignored this box for a long time.
Bad idea!! Even stupid on my part. The Boost sound in this alone can turn a relatively lame amp into a power house!!!
( go from 8:55 to 10:00 on the video and prepare to be very impressed)

An incredibly versatile pedal. On a really low setting you get a huge clean sound that if you hit hard gives you a really nice light crunch.
Not to much.. but not like every other pedal I have tried it does not
fragment but stays even across the edge of your signal. If all it did was this it would be the very best light gain I have ever heard!

Now from there you can move it into a really aggressive mid gain pedal. All the notes stay separated so you can get a bit intricate with arpeggios or finger style playing. In spite of this even in this mode the pedal has balz plus big time. Then with this same setting go into a really rocking rhythmic groove and it adds more punch then your drummer.

Finally high gain is not it's forte but you would not look or sound foolish using it for one. Yes if you need some serious high gain it can still cover the bases. (go to  10:25 on the video)

This pedal has been a fave in Nashville territory for years so there are a bounty of video's you can You Tube. But Rabea Massaad's take from both an English and a Metal player is refreshing. His objectivity
gives those that might think "Country Music" and their ears would be flying north. LOL

In short it shows you what this pedal can do ...and just how well it can do it!!!

Greer should find some small mod it can do to it. Paint it a bright plain and shiny red. Put on some modern graphics. Name it LIGHT SPEED PLUS... and they would find a whole new international rock audience snapping them up!

A big thanks to Andrew Hayward for putting me on to this dead cool OD.

OVERDRIVE- PedalPalFX Pal 800 GOLD ...F. ing awesome! Period!!!

PedalPalFX PAL 800 GOLD Overdrive

If you have read my review on the PAL 800 and the PAL 959 you know that P.P.FX makes quite literally what you get with a state of the art digital modeler.
BUT... they do it all with hand made pedals using only analog parts. I quite honestly thought this impossible.
I also thought then when a maker said they did it that the statement was
WRONG! I have owned a real PLEXI ...I still have a real JCM 800.

Their PAL 800 and PAL 959 not only nail the sound they nail the response of the amp and the sound you get by backing off your guitars volume.

I have both!


The Pal 800 GOLD is really their hot rod version. But it sounds so damn good
I just ordered one.
To me buying 3 OD from one company is unthinkable because every maker has an identifiable 'sound' to their pedals. In short think of Wampler having a blue gloss to the sound of all their OD's and EH having a red gloss to the sound of all their OD's etc.
BUT ... P.P.FX sounds so real they do not have an identifiable sound.

All three pedals are a major achievement.
BUT the PLEXI is even more impressive because their are literally a hundred other choices to get a PLEXI sound!!

I just checked with Luis ... about the Gold
I will soon have all 3 pedals.

Basics has some straight forwad knobs to dial in your overall tone.
bass, middle and treble ...presense to put some zing on your highs.
There is of course the usual gain to control the dirt.
Lastly the volume control???
Yes but not last. On the side is a 3 way switch to set the dynamics and the range to your touch and taste!!! The lower you go on the switch the more growling bass you get.
The last two video's show you how it works. Not only that using them is easy!!! No learning curve!!!
But the results will knock you over.

Making full use of the dynamics ...go to 3:00 and listen for a minute.
F. ing amazing!!!

Almost FREE!!! buy while you still can,


All the American manufacturers making guitars in the east that offer American famous brand name pickups in their guitars do not offer you an actual Made in America pickup.
The pickup is actually made in Korea by company's like Artec.
The con is they don't tell you!!!
On the other hand the difference in design, parts fit and finish and quality is ZERO.

These pickups are not offered to the public for obvious reasons. They are intended for OEM only!
Why pay a lot more for an identical Pickup???

BUT !!!!
Sometimes a few slip through the cracks.

These matched pair of Seymour Ducan SH-1 59
PAF's have!!!

You can get them while they last on AliExpress
from Iva Musical Shopping Store.

You get both. A matched pair for. Yes 2 PU's.

$38.00 USD

Yes of course I did :-)

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

OVERDRIVE-GUYATONE Mighty Micro HDm5 Hot Drive Distortion must be good lol


With a name like this it just has to be good!!! LOL
The $130.00 USD doesn't hurt either.

Guyatone are a Japanese guitar company that started in 1933. They got into electric guitars in the 50's. By the late 50's they were selling under the Kent name in the U.S. The first Ibanez guitars were Guyatones.
By the '70s they were into pedals. The pedals have always sold very well in Japan. They have never made serious inroads into the U.S market. They have had a healthy following in Europe.

The HDm5 is a medium gain pedal.
First released in 2009.
It has an input control pot.
I can only guess it is to match up any level from high           
output active pickups down to a low output Lipstick Tube.
There is a 3 position 'voicing ' switch '
  Mode1- Bright Drive a silky bright tone
  Mode2- Edge Drive a little raw
  Mode3- Deep Drive it cuts the highs it is dark and balzy
Finally the usual level, tone and gain.
It is not another Brit pedal. It has a sound of it's own.
It has a hollow resonance that fattens the tone but does not overly thicken the tone ..instead you have a very open and airy sound. it. It also has a nasty and wonderful growl. This pedal is aggressive and punchy yet still has some great tone and a lot of personality.
This pedal has really been under the radar. There are a hell of a lot of brand names selling for double this that can't touch it!

Oh my I go again. Another gotta

So I resisted for 3 weeks...yep...I ordered one!!!
Well my spending is not so bad this week the only other thing I ordered was a Marshall lol

They refunded my money!!! They are out of stock word when and if they will have more.
Bought a used one on eBay from Japan $114.00 USD shipping.
The pic of it looks good but the store has 3 of them ???
If it looks as good as the pic...I have got one nice pedal for a steal.

SHIPPED MAR.10/18 ...Japanese mail is very fast so I should have it in a week.

Monday, February 19, 2018

OVERDRIVE- M.I.AUDIO Super Crunch Box ....the original fights back!!!

$150.00 USD

The original Crunch Box schematic has been cannibalized by everyone big names and small.

The most noticeable candidate for taking the backlash is JHS with the JHS Angry Charlie & the @.

It doesn't end there. Others accuse M.I. of ripping off the original Marshall Guvnor pedal. LOL

A couple of years ago M.I. fought back with the 'SUPER'. It really is a great pedal and great value for the price.