Sunday, September 10, 2017

OVERDRIVE-CMAT MODS...BROWNIE old school Plexi with a massive but tight low end...creamy +


$135.00 USD
A small one man outfit?  Chad Mathews comes across as a really enthusiastic old school.
Odd name as his work reminds me as early Mike Matthews.
Tinker with it until it works. The results are he makes nothing truly new.
It is not a meticulously refined effort.
I love those ....but Hey! they are often $300 plus and they do not always hit the emotions like a pedal built to do just and perhap and only that.

His Brownie like many is not even close. I believe there are at least 3 pedals with that name and others with a word added.
It definitely bears comparison with the Crunch Box.

So what do we get? I think one of the best Plexi type pedals for a low end that is bigger then a Russian Fuzz BUT tight!
with a great attack.
I love this pedal!!!!
In my opinion it can eat a OCD and it is in the same price range.

This simple Vid gets right to the point. SOUND not VISUALS!!
Others have much too much
Shredding... nice enough playing ...but I came to hear a pedal not a player.
Yes if this love this ...then you love the pedal. Done!

OK what we get here is yet another take on the M.I. CRUNCH BOX
the CRUNCH BOX is the Big Muff of high gain OD's every maker thinks he has a better one!!!

So is it better???
Is the Angry Charlie better???
What about the Joyo,Caline and Mogoo chinese knock-offs???
I would sneak in the NUX Brownie too.

None are better! Or are they? lol
I just listen to them all again.
Being critical I like the JHS AT @ Angry Charlie the best ...but you pay for that choice. LOL

If I were you and started squirming trying to decide. I would not hesitate to get the NUX
at $50.00 a pop. You can then put a Crunch style of pedal on the back burner and save for that amazing XYZ pedal that you can almost taste!!!!

BUT ...the CMATMODS Brownie has a very nice raw edge and very detailed overtones.
and at the price of $135.00 USD it is an exceptional pedal that holds it's own.
No matter how derivative it is impossible not to like this pedal.

This pedal is deliberately old school. Not tight as is the fashion with many pedals. But these tight pedals are not an authentic amp sound. I like them if they give me the option of a nice pot that I can vary for a bit of clean up or leave it open. Wampler do very similar pedal but the tighten up bit makes the thing soulless in comparison.


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