Friday, September 15, 2017

TREBLE BOOSTER- Ananashead's VOX 806 ...1966 reproduction....the sound of Roger Mcguinn and Tom Petty


The original V806 plugged right into the amp.
This is Tom Petty and Roger Mcguinn's secret
weapon. It is how they get all that 'jangle' from
their Rickenbacher.
It sells on line used for up to $500.00 USD and is hard to find.

But our buddy Pedro Garcia over at Ananashead ....the maestro of the perfect reproduction pedals does custom work.
Soooo I had him make me one.
When it arrives I will do the whole review.
Right now we have the pics.
There is a vid of the original. Check it out.

Check out the point to point hand wiring! >>>

I can not wait to try it!!!

Pedro? This guy is all about making the very best pedals he possibly can. If only a few guys need a pedal he keeps it stripped down to a plain box so
he can afford the time it takes to wire it by hand.
No one who needs a sound that no one makes any more goes without.
So don't blow off your foot. One day you just might need him. I do!!!

Built in a sensible mini pedal.

TOM PETTY 1950 to 2017
...sad fact for me a total bummer
a guy who never cared about fame or fortune just the music
a total F. ing bummer



One last thing I discovered Ananashead when I went searching for a clone of Townsends Live at Leeds pedal... the UNIVOX SUPERFUZZ.
There are many but the Ananashead stood out big time. This classic fuzz has a lot of unruly rough edges. Details details. All the other pedals smoothed out what they thought were bugs in the pedal.
All but guessed it. After I got my pedal it I found it sooooo good that I found a few months later I was never using a 'famous fuzz that I paid $400.00 for. Yes it took an exit on Reverb.LOL

So check out the post. If you like a fuzz AND DON'T BUY THIS...all I can say is....WHAT THE F@CK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!! ....LOL LOL LOL
At $85.00 USD... what have you got to loose!!!!

There is now a Deluxe SUPER FUZZ V2

I will have to review this one.  If it is anything like the New Sustainer Civil should be scary!!! At $130.00 USD... still Supercheap!!



Check out the Post for the.........ANANASHEAD
Sovtek Muff

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