Saturday, March 10, 2018

OVERDRIVE- SKS AUDIO MUSIWEWE boxes ...uh huh? but cooler then you think. VERY!


$35.00 USD
It is both a medium gain OD and a high gain OD. Besides the level, gain and tone there is a switch to push it into high gain
which doubles the range of the whole pedal.
One very cool thing is you still get a lighter but really excellent tone with the gain nearly turned off.
SKS is an Australian company making dead cool
good sounding boxes in small Plexiglas casings.
Better still they are cheap!

Damn impressive!!!

Check it at 3:37 that is it's sweet spot!


It is just taking the 'ORANGE' to the next level. Once again you can go from just past zeo gain and get a good sound then once through it's range push in the switch and you can in effect double the range.

These are both excellent little Brit sounding boxes!!!
 at a price cheap enough and a size small enough
that any 
could neatly squeeze itself
right into your arsenal.

I just ordered the ORANGE
it is a medium gain pedal and fatter then the RED

The RED is more aggressive and tight
So I traded off this for a fuller sound.
It was tough choice

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